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Driving in the snow

It is that time of the year.

We need to get ready for driving in the snow.

We have had some warm days for our northern standard. However, please be ready. It is extremally important to start adapting to snow covered and or icy roads that will be coming ahead. As always a proper pre-trip/post-trip will help avoid a lot of issues. Keep an eye out on those air lines please. This is when they like to start freezing. Make sure all lights are not covered in the snow.

Please slow down. Keep a safe buffer zone. Adding extra seconds to following distance is a must. That buffer zone can keep everyone safe especially you as the driver. You see how traffic likes to travel in packs out there. Its best to stay away from this packs. Communicate. Dispatch only sees radar and maps. What you see on the ground is way more accurate- and what they see in digital versions of it is not the same. If you need more time don't stress yourself over it. Park and be safe until storms have passed.

Best solution is to work ahead and stay ahead. We need to give ourselves extra time now that the weather season has change in northern part of the country. Thank you stay safe!

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