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Refrigerated trailers also called “reefers” in trucking industry. Is a popular way for grocers, food processors, and many other industries to expand their refrigerated inventory during the food rush of the holidays and year round.

Reefer can run for two days without a refuel if opened only once or twice a day. Fridge can burn about 10-15 gallons a day pending on the temp.

If your reefer trailer runs out of fuel, their refrigeration generators will shut down, resulting in the subsequent loss of goods on those trailers if not attendant to asap. Considering this, you should always make sure that your reefer has at least half of tank of fuel and at least 3 quarters to full when leaving at a customer yard. This will prevent us from a unit running out of fuel and not having your fellow drivers deal with the issues.

Thank you! Stay safe please! Fuel up your trailers please!

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