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How Technology Is Benefiting Truckers

Truck drivers have a one-of-a-kind job, they work hard to provide for their families sometimes driving long distances in a large semi truck that requires a lot of skill to operate safely. Thanks to modern technology, truck driving jobs have gotten a lot easier, allowing truckers to enjoy time spent on the job and helping make trucks safer. For example, our driver Matt Thompson loves the new seat he earned courtesy of our amazing partner Truck County!

(🚚 A special thanks to Mike Mears & Alex Kimbro for helping us purchase the equipment needed to make our drivers happy while they keep the wheels rolling! 🙌🏼)

Check out these must-have technological advances that make taking to the road more enjoyable.

An Edge on the Road with the DSL App

Lines mobile app can help drivers no matter where they are. With a smartphone, Truck Drivers can easily get the info they need to :

  • Check out maps and plan optimal routes

  • Scan client documents and submit them automatically

  • Contact dispatch instantly

  • Report road issues or truck maintenance problems

The great thing about this app is that it lets the driver either avoid downtime completely or significantly reduce the amount of downtime. If a driver is waiting for repairs, they can easily take advantage of the time to plan their next few moves.

Trucker Heaven : Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic Logging Devices, ELDs, do away with the tedious chore of maintaining a paper logbook. While driving, the ID number is automatically updated with information related to the current position, hours of continuous operation, miles drove, date and time. That way truck drivers can focus on driving and let the little stuff take care of itself.

Onboard Semi Truck Technology

While on the road for long hours, it’s a challenge to stay alert. These advances in technology will keep truck drivers safe and help them avoid costly accidents.

  • Collision mitigation: A collision mitigation braking system that uses sensors can detect when a crash seems imminent. It responds by warning truck drivers of the danger and then automatically boosting their braking if needed.

  • Auxiliary jacks: Music helps drivers stay awake and attentive, but messing around with controls is dangerous. Auxiliary jacks let drivers create custom playlists beforehand.

  • Bluetooth: The ultimate hands-free tool, Bluetooth headsets or earpieces let drivers make phone calls, use the CB radio, and stream audio without multitasking.

  • Adaptive cruise control: With this excellent system, drivers set a speed and desired distance from other vehicles and the truck does the rest. The ACC system handles braking and acceleration automatically.

  • Predictive cruise control: By using GPS, predictive cruise control detects upcoming topography and automatically shifts gears and speed to match. PCC uses truck momentum to maximize fuel efficiency as well.

Stay in Touch with Smartphones

Staying connected with loved ones is very important for drivers. With a smartphone, truck drivers can kiss their kids goodnight via instant video no matter where their truck is parked. Making hands-free phone calls is simple when drivers want to talk to friends and family on the road. Smartphones also provide the latest news and link drivers to company dispatchers anytime. That way, if a truck breaks down, they don’t have to wait very long to get repair authorization, reducing downtime and maximizing profits.

The Benefits of GPS

Satellite monitoring systems are great at keeping tabs on storms as they form, helping drivers stay ahead of bad weather and dangerous road conditions. By leaving earlier or taking alternate routes, truck drivers can avoid getting stuck in blizzards. When GPS is linked to dispatchers, drivers can receive instructions in real time for the safest roads. Discovering what’s ahead helps drivers avoid heavy traffic, downed bridges, and highway accidents.

A Suite of Entertainment Options

What can drivers do with their obligatory rest hours? Wi-Fi hotspots, providing constant internet access pretty much everywhere, and digital streaming services like Netflix and Hulu give drivers a great way to unwind after a long day driving. They can even bring along a gaming console and link up with their kids at home to play a game together and stay connected.

Other Cool Hands-Free Tech

When drivers receive text messages, they can’t pull over to read them. Voice-to-text speech recognition apps can help with this. Text reading apps read messages from your inbox out loud. These gadgets are driver-friendly and safe.

A Trucking Job That Feels Like Home

Not all CDL trucking jobs care about their drivers like Syndicate Logistics. We appreciate the work CDL drivers take on. After all, drivers help keep the American economy flourishing, and we want to take care of our drivers with state-of-the-art tech and support. If you are interested in applying for becoming a S-Driver, Syndicate Logistics is an excellent company to work for. To learn more or apply for a job, contact us today.

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