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Hello fellow drivers!

Please remember to always check over your paperwork. Remember you are the one putting your name on it. Make sure the destination location is correct. Temp is correct if needed and if not sure ask your dispatch...

Many drivers are fond of saying: “I get paid to drive, not to count and load freight.” While this sentiment is understandable, protecting yourself and your company from cargo claims requires that you do more than just drive.

At the very least, protecting cargo can help reduce the risk of having a disagreement with or being delayed by a customer. It does help ensure you and your company are paid for the work you’ve done and the expenses you’ve incurred.

Tips to help reduce cargo claims:

1. Supervise Loading and Unloading unless you are unable to or prohibited from being on the loading dock or you pick up a pre-loaded trailer. Inspect the load unless the trailer is sealed.

2. Report and Document Discrepancies or Damage that cannot be resolved at the shipper/receiver. Discrepancies need to be noted in writing on shipping papers by the shipper or receiver. Take pictures to document damage.

3. Signatures on Shipping Papers are REQUIRED along with the date when loads are Picked Up AND when they are Delivered. Please check for Comments, Signatures and Dates on shipping papers before you leave.

4. Use shipper load and count (SLC) when signing shipping papers if you are not permitted to supervise the loading/unloading. Be aware some shippers may not allow it.

The few minutes you take to document a problem could help save you and your company thousands of dollars later.

Thank you and stay safe!

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