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Road safety is a state of mind- accident is an absence of mind.

Hello fellow drivers.

Just a quick reminder for safe following distances to remind ourselves about. Please remember typically, normal passenger vehicle such as a car or small pickup truck will normally take 316 feet to come to a complete stop after recognizing the need to stop. In comparison, a semi-truck can take 525 feet before it comes to a complete stop after recognizing the need to stop. These numbers can adjust as well if the semi-trailer is fully loaded. Type of product on the back of it can also determine stopping power. Best remedy is to keep the distance and slow down when the weather changes and traffic starts getting heavy.

1. Pay close attention to vehicles on the road.

2. Give plenty of room between you and other vehicles in order to maneuver safely if needed.

3. Common truck blind spots. Such as: Behind the truck, in front, either side of the semi. Typically, the rule is if you cannot see the mirrors, they cannot see you. These spots are extremely important to pay attention to.

4. Follow the rules of the road.

5. Dim the bright lights only use when needed in dark stretches/turns.

6. Use signal.

7. Slow down in bad weather. Going 10-15 miles under the speed limit is legal on all US highways and even slower is allowed if conditions are not prime.

8. Do not get distracted by technology. Eyes on the road.

9. Visibility can change. Thick fog, rain and or snow can make driving difficult if this occurs. During this time especially you will want to keep the speed down and distance between vehicles.

Thank you, Stay safe out there!

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