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Hello fellow drivers. Here is a quick point on scaling loads.

Being pulled over at a scale can be a time consuming and stressful process as well. Contrary to popular belief an overweight ticket CAN go on your CSA score. By forcing a DOT officer to do an inspection because you were over on Axles can get points drawn to your score and the company score. Most of these recent tickets were the result of simply not moving the axles on the trailer. Check your paperwork, if you question the weight at all, then scale it. If over then call dispatch and see if there may be a way to rework the load. This is especially true with sealed loads as reworking a sealed load can be harder to achieve. None the less you cannot run down the highway overweight. Know where the scales are so you can weigh the load. If over what your paperwork says you should be then you will need to get in touch with dispatch. As drivers it is your responsibility to know what you are hauling and how heavy the load is. If you get a ticket it will be your responsibility to pay the ticket! Please be scaling the loads.

Thank you! Stay safe out there!

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