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Hello fellow truck drivers.

The good word is that this coming winter maybe a doozey one. Just a few things to keep in mind please.

Always Always carry proper supplies.

  • extra clothing layers

  • gloves

  • flashlight

  • rain gear

  • windshield fluid

  • blankets

  • bag of sand or salt

  • tire chains

  • jumper cables

  • snow scrapers and brushes

Never hurts to slow down. A firm grip between the truck and the wheel is very important.

Don't forget to allow safe space between you and the next vehicle... Black Ice is not just found on bridges. It is a layer of transparent ice that makes the road look wet. Drivers can spot black ice when the spray from other vehicles stops. You can also watch for frost on your truck antennae and mirrors.

In winter time accelerate and brake slowly. If the truck is not equipped with an ABS braking system (most are) lightly pump the brakes when you need to slow down.

Always remember, a good truck driver shuts down when there is too much ice, snow, or driving winds. You see way better than most reports and cameras.

Thank you,

Stay safe!

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