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Hello fellow drivers. Wanted to remind everyone on the upcoming snow driving.


Winter can cause many problems. Whether its rain, freezing rain, wind, or snow, truck drivers

must be prepared to face the hazards winter driving brings. Without proper preparation, these

conditions can cause senseless losses.

The most frequent reasons for winter weather related accidents are:

 Limited or reduced visibility

 Limited or reduced traction

 Aggressive braking on a slick road

 Inability to judge safe speed for


 Poor shifting skills on a slick road

 Poor negotiation of a curve

 Failure to prepare vehicle properly

 Failure to plan route properly

 Failure to adapt to changing weather


Proper planning, preparation, and driving can result in successful completion of each trip.


 Do a thorough pre-trip inspection. Do a visual, hands-on inspection and check all

important items, including tires, wiper blades and fluid and lights. Check your vehicle


 Plan your trip accordingly - Check weather forecasts; chart fuel and meal stops; allow

extra time for traffic delays

 Compensate for poor traction by slowing down and making all movements gently - never

drive faster than conditions allow

 Double or triple your following distance and "never" tailgate. Try to build as much

separation between you and other vehicles. Keep at least a ten (10) second following

distance when driving on snow and ice covered roads.

 Black Ice: Black Ice is a weather phenomenon which forms on the road. Its shine can fool

drivers into thinking its water. It is one of the most slippery road conditions and is likely to

form first under bridges & overpasses, shady spots and intersections.

 Get in the habit of easing up on bridges. Bridges & overpasses are often the most

dangerous in the winter since they freeze before roadways

 Brake gently to avoid skidding

 Stay alert

 Turn on your lights and Keep them clean. Many states require drivers to keep their

headlights on if windshield wipers are on.

 Turn OFF the cruise control - Don't use cruise control on icy roads

 Watch for melting or hard-packed snow and strong side winds

 Check for ice by feeling the back of your mirror; watching for spray off tires

 Watch for your trailer pushing you on curves and turns

 Use caution near intersections. Never assume that because you have the green light that the

intersection will be clear. Keep your head and eyes moving.

 Stay in one lane as much as possible. Avoid unnecessary lane changes.

 Keep 2 hands on the wheel, 2 eyes on the road, your mind focused on driving.

 If you don't feel comfortable driving, Park it.

 ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear your seat belt.

Thank you stay safe!

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