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Hello our fellow drivers. Here are some of the leading "do not" in the industry please.

Speeding: The leading cause of being cited for other violations is speeding. Usually speeding is the prelude to the DOT or other law enforcement agency to cite drivers for other infractions. But if everyone would just slow down we wouldn’t get unwanted warnings. Speed control is one of the easiest things a driver can do to ensure safety, please slow down. There is no excuse for a speeding violation. Drivers caught speeding will have meeting with Safety to discuss a plan of action, up to and including turning your truck down.

Seatbelt tickets: the simplest thing in transportation is making sure your seat-belt is fastened and secure. A seat belt ticket carries a hefty point fine, one of the highest in the CSA score tracking system. It is unacceptable to not wear a seat-belt.

Texting and Driving: a texting a driving ticket is a major offense and a terminable offense as well. It is completely unacceptable and inexcusable to text and drive.

Lane Changes: one of the largest complaints from motorists regarding trucks is unsafe lane changes. Not only could a lane change crash cost thousands of dollars, but could also endanger the lives of many innocent people. Please travel in the right lane as much as possible, only use the passing lane for passing, and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Thank you! Stay safe out there! Remember safety starts with you!

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