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Hello, fellow drivers.

Just a quick reminder please to keep the weather on your mind especially when coming toward MN. As you may have noticed winter and cold has come to us a tad earlier this season.

A few tips to keep in mind please.

Keep Temperature Changes In Mind

As the temperature being to go down please contact your dispatch or check the weather app on your phone. Always give yourself extra two hours especially on inbound trips toward us.

Avoid Black Ice At All Costs

Black ice is one of the most hazardous parts of driving in cold weather. This ice is especially hazardous for drivers because it is slicker and harder to spot. Typically black ice forms as ice thaws and refreezes in a short period, and this constant thawing and the refreezing cycle will get black ice to form and this type of ice will prevent your tires from gripping the road.

Think About The Roads That You Are Driving On

One of the best ways you can arrive safely this winter while driving is to think about the condition and maintenance of the roads that you are driving on. YOU SEE BEST. No weather report can see what you see in real time. Obviously we want you to deliver the load and be on time for the customer and we don't want anyone losing out on miles... However, safety first never forget. Its better to lose a few hours to a day than pushing luck in bad road conditions. When in doubt let your dispatch know and they will re adjust deliveries/reloads.

Here are are a few refreshers on icy roads:

  • Leave lots of space between you and other vehicles. Since you will have limited traction on ice, you should double the following distance between you and other cars on the road.

  • Be sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly. You can reduce spin-outs and improve handling by slowly accelerating and decelerating. Don’t be in a hurry when driving in the winter or on roads that could have ice on them. Give yourself extra time.

  • This means that you should try to avoid roads with lots of stop signs or traffic lights since you will need to apply brakes in these locations often, and this could increase the chances that you will lose control in bad road conditions. Stick to the main highways. Since main highways are maintained more properly by the DOT.

  • As always- you have to worry more about other drivers driving in these conditions.

One good thing about states that get the snow usually are better prepared VS states that do not get the snow often typically tend to shut down for a day or two until the snow is gone.

Thank you and stay safe out there please!

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