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Hello fellow drivers.

Today would like to quickly remind everyone about winter time work.


Many trucking companies experience a spike in workers' compensation claims during the

winter months as a direct result of winter hazards that are completely unrelated to driving a

truck. Statistics show 48% of all injuries occurs in the winter. Snow and ice increase the

likelihood for slips and falls. Icy running boards, steps, and trailer decks account for

thousands of slip-and-fall accidents. While most are minor, every year a few drivers are

paralyzed for life from these incidents. Suggestions to reduce this risk include:

Proper footwear: Wear ankle high boots with hard rubber (oil resistant) non-slip

soles. Cowboy boots are not a good shoe on slick surfaces. Treat your boots with a

quality water-sealing product and keep a good coat of sealant on them to retain their


Watch for thin ice on dock steps, on tractor steps, cat-walks, ICC bars, and in

parking lots. Walk "around" the icy spots, use handrails and avoid being distracted

when walking on icy surfaces.

Before exiting your tractor, and while still sitting in your seat, make it a habit of

running your foot across the top step to check for ice.

ALWAYS USE "3 points of contact" when entering and exiting your truck.

Transfer your weight carefully and TAKE YOUR TIME. Haste is the root cause of

most slip and fall accidents

Proper attire: Frostbite is another problem. Many frostbite injuries come from not

wearing proper headgear and gloves when you are outside your truck, especially

while refueling or doing your pre/post-trip inspection. Whenever you are outside in

freezing weather, be sure to wear gloves, a hat (most body heat escapes through the

head), and in cold temperatures, make sure your ears are covered

Cold equipment does not work as well. Avoid injuries from hard pulling 5th wheel

pins, trailer tandem sliders, pulling hoods, etc.

Going from warm to cold temperatures fatigues a body faster. You will tire

sooner if you are moving in and out of the cab several times during your work day

Cold outdoor temperatures cause muscles to become "tenser" and makes you

more prone to strains when working around a tractor and trailer. Avoid muscle

strains by doing short warm up exercises and regular stretching.

Our wish during this winter season is for everyone to reduce their risk of accidents and be

healthy and free of injuries to be able to spend time with family and friends.

Thank you! and be safe!

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