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100 Safest Days of Summer

The 100 days from Memorial Day through Labor Day have a dangerous reputation.

Preliminary numbers show that stretch accounted for 169 of the 444 traffic fatalities

last year. That's 38 percent of al the traffic deaths in 2022.

lt's time to take accountability for our own driving behaviors so that we can change

this reputation from the 100 deadliest days to the 100 safest days," Office of Traffic

Safety (OTS) enforcement coordinator Shannon Grabow said.

  • Extra enforcement: Throughout the next 100 days, OTS will be coordinating

extra enforcement and awareness campaigns to help Minnesotans get home


  • State Patrol: Troopers will be conducting extra street racing enforcement,

Highway Enforcement for Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) patrols and Project 20(23),

'which involves high-visibility patrols around the state, to stop dangerous driving

behaviors before someone gets hurt.

  • Drive smart: lt's never guaranteed, but by buckling your seat belt, putting the

phone down, driving safe and sober, and obeying the speed limit, you can

increase the chances that the open road will lead to summer fun instead of


Please be aware!

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