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Slow down and keep the distance

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

We have this month’s safety tip! Slow down and keep your distance! Normal driving conditions call for the driver to keep adequate distance for commercial vehicles. This is usually calculated based on length. Length and weight play a crucial role -heavier the vehicle the longer the stopping distance. The more following distance the more vehicle has the opportunity to slow down and or stop. Most basic calculation is 10 feet of length plus one second if the vehicle is traveling 40mph. Keep in mind this is a suggestion. More room in between the better. Also, if you are in heavier traffic this will become even more difficult. Drivers should still try to maintain the proper following distance. If traffic always fills in the drivers following distance. Drive needs to slow down and drive slower than the traffic. This can go a long way. It allows the car moving into the driver’s lane. To give him/her a following distance because of other vehicles. Another tip would be operating at a slightly lower speed provides a short need stopping distance. This is extremely important especially when a vehicle cuts into the driver’s lane and breaks.

We appreciate everyone doing their part and being safe on the road. Big thank you to all the drivers!

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